Lumenary - an Interactive Cosmological PDX Festival of Lights Art Sculpture (Intro)

I’ve been accepted by Portland’s Winter Light Festival to display a conceptual art piece that I’ll be working on between now and February 7th, 2019.


The vision of the art piece is grandiose - to engage the conversation that Hildegard of Birgen created back in medieval times, when she used art to depict her personal visions of the cosmological unity of universe. Her emphasis on the holistic was innovative, and she used a variety of creative methods to share her vision - including “illuminated manuscripts”, or detailed paintings which embraced mandalas and depictions of profound signifcance to touch upon deeper meanings.

To me, both the person of Hildegard, her message, and her means of expression are really interesting, and this art installation will attempt to re-capture some of that vibrancy by using modern-day tools to create an “illuminated manuscript” that inspired and empowers viewers of today.

I’ll be exploring a variety of ways of doing so - using code to provide the smarts of the microcontrollers to interact with the audience and sensors, creating movment and variety of lighting. Also, using mixed-media to frame the context and to create a different form of communication. Together, the two will complement each other to create an experience that will (hopefully) engage and inspire those who view it. :)