Driftwood Meets Photoresistor

I’ve always thought the combination of metal with wood, or wood with light or glass, to be beautiful - I just love that interplay of different textures and feels.

I’m trying to take baby steps towards making artistic creations that I dream up, and taking that process as a chance to learn to listen to my inner critic, and graciously let those feelings go. In short, I’m trying to be easy with myself on this journey towards becoming an artist that makes the kinds of art that makes me bolt out of bed early in the morning eager to start working. :)

Anywho, I started off with this beautiful piece of driftwood that I found just north of Florence on the Oregon coast:

Then I dived into the electronics piece of things - here’s the schematic that I used, using a photoresistor, battery, resistors, and LED:

And then built a working prototype just using electrical tape and a breadboard. Hooray, it works!

Drilled a hole into the drfitwood the size of the LED:

And then added the elecronics to the base of the driftwood (I used my Dremel to create a cozy nook for any protruding parts)

And here’s it working when the lights are on :)

So, not too complicated in the big scale of things but it was fun to mix up the two mediums!